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Video & Audio Editing


It's amazing how quickly Zoom took over video chat! Remember Skype?!

What we can offer

Video Editing

  • Designing titles and graphics for your video

  • 'Topping and Tailing' recorded webinars (tidying up the start and end)

  • Editing multiple video files into one video

  • Audio editing to make the video sound better

  • Adding subtitles to allow better accessability

  • Hosting Videos on YouTube if you don't have your own channel

Audio Editing

  • Tidying up recorded audio (taking out pauses, mistakes etc)

  • Adding intro and outro music

  • Preparing your audio for use as a podcast

As well as live video, we offer a video and audio editing service.


Maybe you have a recording of a talk that you would like to add titles and graphics to, or you want to split the recorded livestream of a full-day conference into the individual sections, or maybe you just want to cut out that awkward bit of a webinar where a speaker accidentally shared their emails rather than their presentation.

We also work with organisations to create informational videos, stitching together 'talking heads', footage of events and graphics. And we can even do the filming for you!

As well as video, we also edit audios for podcasts, where clients record their podcast episodes, and we tidy up the volume, add an intro and outro and their title music.

See an example of one of our edited videos

Dignity & Worth - What's in the report

Click here to hear one of our edited podcasts

Leeds Sanctuary - Encounter

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