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About Us

Hi, I'm Matt and I want to help people who have a passion and a message to reach more people, and that's why I started MC Online Events.

MC Online Events was started in 2020 as the world went into lockdown. I began helping organisations transition to using Zoom to continue their training and meetings. Then, as restrictions started to lift, I bought the equipment to allow me to livestream physical events as organisations continued to see the value of allowing people to attend events from anywhere in the world. Video and audio editing naturally came along as I was tidying up recorded livestreams and webinars anyway.


I'm currently based in Swindon, but have travelled the length and breadth of Britain to livestream in-person events, and have worked with people all around the world in hybrid and online events. One of the best things about my work is getting paid to listen to talks, training and conferences on a whole range of subjects I wouldn't go to otherwise, from neuroscience and AI to Early Years numeracy and bank fraud.


I also love problem-solving and finding ways to do new and interesting things. This is something I get plenty of practice at when running hybrid and livestreamed conferences. Each event and every venue is different, so it means that every technical setup and every solution is unique. But there are always the fundamentals – the tech shouldn’t distract from the content – and the most successful events are the ones where people don’t notice that I’m there (another reason why techies usually wear black!).

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