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Livestreamed & Hybrid Events


An example of a livestreamed event,

with a speaker addressing the conference remotely

What we can offer

  • Livestreaming to YouTube, Facebook or Zoom

  • Managing the Zoom so you can focus on running your event

  • Bringing in remote speakers so they can be seen in the room

  • Showing PowerPoint and Speakers simultaneously

  • Full recordings of your event for later use

  • Advice on how to run your Hybrid or Livestreamed event

Livestream your event to YouTube, Facebook, Zoom or more to allow more people to engage from anywhere in the world and expand your reach.


We offer a three camera setup, ideal for conferences, lectures and training or AGMs.


We can include presentations, graphics and video playback to bring visuals into your event.

We will work alongside onsite tech teams but also have the capacity for smaller events to run the audiovisual systems ‘in the room’ as well as online.


You can host the video on your own YouTube channel, Facebook page or Zoom account, or we can host it for you on our accounts. And we’ll provide full recordings of your events for use later.

Alongside our livestreaming package, we can offer hybrid meetings, allowing those attending via Zoom to be seen and heard in the room. This is particularly useful for events like AGMs, but also allows you to bring speakers into your conference from the other side of the world.


Another option for hybrid events is to have a small group in one place, but the majority of attendees joining remotely. Imagine an AGM where the Executive is in the board room, but members joining and voting from home.


An AGM with General Secretary & Secretary in one room and members joining remotely

Livestreamed, Hybrid or Filmed?

Livestreamed events are where a physical event is shown live online, but there is no direct contribution from those watch (a bit like TV).

It might be a lecture or presentation.

Hybrid events are where there are both people in a physical space

and joining remotely (eg via Zoom),

and both groups are able to contribute.

This would be idea for an AGM.

Filmed events are where a physical event is filmed and the recordings made available afterwards.

This could be to allow some confidentiality or because of limited internet access at the venue. 

See an example of one of our livestreams

Christians in Science Autumn Conference 2022

This shows a standard lecture setup with the presenter being shown alongside his slides.

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