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Online Events & Webinars


It's amazing how quickly Zoom took over video chat! Remember Skype?!

What we can offer

  • Hosting the Zoom Meeting, either on our Pro Zoom Account or on yours

  • Managing the Zoom meeting so you can focus on running your event

  • Managing Shared Screens and playing video clips

  • Advice on how to have Zoom set up to ensure a smooth and safe event

  • Recording of the event

  • Advice and help with using interactive elements such as voting and quizzes using tools such as Mentimeter

Zoom has become a ubiquitous part of life, from family gatherings to business meetings and training.

We offer hosting and tech support for your Zoom meetings and webinars, managing participants, screen-sharing and adding in pre-recorded video and linking your Zoom to YouTube and Facebook. Sometimes it is helpful just to have an extra pair of hands working the tech so you can focus on delivering the content.

We work with you to tailor the webinar to how you want it. And we always recommend a tech check with key speakers ahead of time to check their setup and ensure everyone knows what will be going on.


You can use your Zoom account or you can use our Pro account for free (if you want to have more than 100 participants or make use of the Zoom Webinar system then there is an additional charge).

If you record your webinar, we can edit the recording to tidy up the beginning and end, and chop out those awkward bits where the speaker forgot to unmute for the first minute.

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