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'Matt had great ideas for solutions to make the process simple'

Matt worked with Dignity and Worth to create a series of videos in support of our campaigning and advocacy work. He was so easy to work with and his creative, can-do approach took the project to a level way beyond our expectations. He gave us a clear house style, good production values and a professional image. Our project invited our supporters to submit their own videos for editing into our finished versions. Matt had great ideas for solutions to make that process simple and straight-forward and I am sure that as a result we got far more people to take part than would otherwise have done. Going beyond that, he arranged individual Zoom calls with participants who needed additional support with recording so that he could record for them. I know that he made this a smooth and stress-free process for all our participants. All in all, Matt's involvement made the project a complete success in a way we could never have achieved without him. I thoroughly recommend him to anyone.

Mark Rowland

Treasurer, Dignity and Worth

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