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People Of Hope Conference Offer

Thank you for clicking through from the People of Hope Conference. We hope you found the conference valuable. It was great to work with the Centre for Chaplaincy in Education on their Retreat Day.

At MC Online Events, we spent A LOT of time on Zoom, either hosting events or meeting with clients. Over the last year or so, Zoom has added a load of new features, which aren't always explained well. So we have put together a cheatsheet of how we like to have our Zoom account set up, which makes it easy for attendees to engage but gives the host some control and security.


One undervalued Zoom feature is the ability to join a meeting via telephone (landline or feature phone). Obviously you can't see the video but you can hear others and be heard. Below you can find a guide on using this.

If you'd like to learn more about the advanced features of Zoom, we offer a tailored Zoom training package, which usually lasts around 2 hours. We've taught total novices to be able to annotate their screen shares and create breakout rooms and much more.

What all our clients have said is how much they value having us there to do all the tech side of their events so that they can focus on making it as engaging as possible. So if you'd like us to help you with your next event, get in touch.

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