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What We Cost

Every event is different, and we will give you a full quotation for your event once we have discussed your needs. But below are some general costings. 

Livestreaming/Hybrid Events


​Half Day Rate - £150.00 + expenses

(Events up to 3 hours)

Day Rate - £250.00 + expenses

Weekend Rate - £500.00 + expenses

(based on Friday afternoon - Sunday Lunch)

​Online Events


£20.00 per hour + 1 hour for setting up the meeting

(i.e. a 2 hour webinar would cost £60.00)

Video & Audio Editing

£20.00 per hour

Me & Tech_edited.jpg

If there is a lot of pre-event work for either Livestreamed/Hybrid or Online Events (preparing pre-recorded video elements, creating interactive elements etc) this is charged at £20.00 per hour.

Expenses include travel at 45p per mile and accommodation if required.

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